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The plugin enables you to undo the recent action on the issue history.

The plugin adds a 'Undo' button to the more menu in the issue screen , once you click the buttonĀ the page will refreshed and the last action in the issue history will be reverted and a new history item will be display with the undo action.

  • The user will be able to undo action of other users as well as long as he has permission to edit the relevant issue\fields.
  • The user can also use the keyboard shortcut 'zz'.
  • The undo action can be done multiple times and skips the undo actions and actions that already were undo.

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Supported Fields

Field NameTypeComment
Affects Version/sJira Core
AssigneeJira Core
Component/sJira Core
DescriptionJira Core
Due DateJira Core
EnvironmentJira Core
Fix Version/sJira Core
LabelsJira Core
Linked IssuesJira Core
PriorityJira Core
ReporterJira Core
ResolutionJira Core
SummaryJira Core
TimetrackingJira Core
StatusJira Coreas long as the tranistion is valid
CheckboxesCustom Field
Date PickerCustom Field
Date Time PickerCustom Field
Group Picker (multiple groups)Custom Field
Group Picker (single group)Custom Field
LabelsCustom Field
Number FieldCustom Field
Project Picker (single project)Custom Field
Radio ButtonsCustom Field
Select List (cascading)Custom Field
Select List (multiple choices)Custom Field
Select List (single choice)Custom Field
Text Field (multi-line)Custom Field
Text Field (single line)Custom Field
URL FieldCustom Field
User Picker (multiple users)Custom Field
User Picker (single user)Custom Field
Version Picker (multiple versions)Custom Field
Version Picker (single version)Custom Field

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