JCreate - Create, Edit and View Jira issue directly from your content

Create Issue

Creating Jira issue from the Confluence page view will be done in one of the following ways:

1. Marking text using Jcreate's '+' will allow you to create an issue in Jira that will be linked to a specific part of your content




2. If JBlocks is enabled in your Confluence Space, you will be able to create an issue in Jira that will be linked to a specific section of your content.

The section can contain tables, images, Confluence macros and formulas, and everything.


Jcreate takes into account the Jira permission schemes. Confluence users can create, edit and view the issues in the Jira projects to which they have permission.

After selecting the relevant Jira server, project, and issue type, the full create issue screen will load.

The space admin can use Jcreate space level configuration to automatically populate the selected text into the Summary and description fields.

Finally, clicking on the ‘Create’ button will create a new issue in Jira, linked to the Confluence page.

After refreshing the page, the Jira issue will be mentioned in the page in one of the following ways :

  1. Jira issue macro will be added right at the end of the marked text

  2. JBlock indicator will be added to the left side of the selected section, while its color indicates the Status Category of the related Jira issue.

Edit & View Issue

Hovering the Jira issue macro or clicking the Jblock indication will open a dialog containing:

  • Additional issue details: Link to Issue, Summary, Status, Assignee.

  • Option to Edit the issue

  • ‘Assign to me' to quickly assign the issue to yourself

  • 'Remove issue link’ to quickly remove the link between the issue and the page

Continuous reading of Confluence page:

Whether if Jira issue macro added to the page using Jcreate or not, Jcreate toggle can Hide / Show all Jira issue macro. the toggle appears right above page title.

Overall benefits:

  • All system fields and most of the custom fields are supported (see supported fields)

  • Mandatory fields will be marked with “*

  • Jcreate supports Jira’s permission schemes

  • Issues created via Jcreate will be linked to the page, and the Jira issue macro will add inline

  • Hovering over any of the Jira Issues macros (whether created via Jcreate or the standard Jira Issues create) will show additional issue details

  • Continuous reading of your pages - Jcreate offers a toggle to hide or show all Jira issue macro appears on the page.

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