RTL for Confluence

RTL for Confluence allows users to write content in any RTL language like Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic. It is used by thousands of users worldwide.

The app provides right-to-left language support on Confluence pages and supports English and Arabic/Hebrew texts together.

If you're willing to write your Confluence pages in one of those languages, you need the RTL for Confluence app. The app adds directionality buttons to the Confluence editor to set text direction from Right to Left (RTL) and Left to Right (LTR).

When selecting a direction, the corresponding alignment button is also checked by default to the same direction (can be changed by user):



In addition, RTL for Confluence sets the default direction of the page:


RTL for Confluence will not make changes to existing content. After installing the app, we will make sure to apply RTL direction and right alignment to new pages as well as to new elements added to existing pages.

RTL Configuration (admin guide):

In the Configuration page, admin can define which spaces can work with the app.

For spaces that are defined as RTL App scope, admin should define the default direction for new pages - RTL or LTR and the title location.


In addition, admin can define if new spaces should get RTL as default direction (if not checked - new spaces will be default added to Not RTL App)

When RTL for Confluence is installed:

  • The cursor position is affected by the direction of the document.

  • Indexing and searching supports RTL languages

  • Simple lists, bulleted lists, numbered list and mixed lists are either right-to-left or left-to-right

  • All toolbar functions are supported according to the page direction or the elements inside the page.

  • Confluence task list macro, table of content, info macro, expand macro and more are supported

  • Copy & Past of RTL-based texts/tables to your Confluence pages are supported

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