RTL for Jira Cloud

How to write RTL content in Jira Cloud?

RTL for Jira Cloud adds an “RTL Description“ panel to Jira view panel, allowing you to extend the capabilities of your Jira issues by writing content from right to left.

The RTL editor provides an option to work with right to left rich text editor and support the following:

  • RTL paragraph and headers

  • Font style and sizes

  • Simple lists, bulleted lists, numbered list

  • Tables

  • Bold/ Italic/ Font colors and background

  • Text Alignment

  • Emojis

  • Pictures

  • Search RTL content (how to enable)

It improves user experiences and accessibility for users who use right-to-left languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc).

Add the ‘RTL Description’ Panel to your issue

To add the panel:

  1. Open a single issue view

  2. Find the RTL Description icon under the Issue Summary and click on it

  3. Click on the editor area under ‘RTL Description’ header (will become grey when hovering over it) in order to edit the text

  4. Click on save


You can also select the centered, medium-width, and full-width icons to adjust the width of some macros.

How to enable RTL search results

  1. Create a new Field -

    1. Type: Paragraph

    2. Name: ‘RTL Description’

  2. Add the new field to the related edit screens (that associated with the issuetypes you wish to have search for them)

    1. It is recommended to hide the field using the issue layout (from project settings), or have the screen only on edit screen and not view screen.

  3. To get RTL search results-

    1. Open Jira Search screen

    2. Click on More and look for ‘RTL Description’ field

    3. Type the text you want to search

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