Custom Fields Administrator For Jira Project



Jira administrators have a lot of responsibilities in their hands, and sometimes they wish they can share this responsibility with other users in Jira.

This is why the Custom Fields Administrator For Jira Project add-on is here for!

The add-on provides an administration section inside each project who is available for this project administrators.

Objective and Scope

The objective of this document is to give you a detailed explanation of how to install and use the add-on. After reading this document, you will be able to install the add-on on your local server, uninstall it (if needed), and grant permissions to project administrators using the features provided in the add-on.

This document is intended for Jira administrators and project administrators. It covers the following sections:

Section Name

Installation guide

Explains how to install and uninstall the add-on
Jira administrators guideExplains how you can configure the add-on capabilities
Project Specific guideExplains how to choose fields per project

Project administrators guide

Explains the features of the add-on