AIR Check - Jira User Guide


1. Enable AIR Check on your issues

After installing from the Atlassian marketplace, the AIR Check button will appear within the Jira issue next to Atlassian native features like Add attachments, Create subtask, and link issues.

Click on the AIR Check button if you want to generate tests script.

2. Choose the test format you want

Currently, Air Check supports two types of formats - Standard and Gherkin.

Standard format provides a simple format of the test script, describing the test step, the required test data and the expected result:


Gherkin format - While standard test scripts typically describe test steps, required test data, and expected results, Gherkin provides a higher-level, more business-friendly approach to describing software behavior and requirements.

In Gherkin, you write executable specifications that are meant to be understood by both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Gherkin uses a specific syntax that includes the following key elements:

  1. Feature: Describes the high-level functionality or feature that is being tested. It provides context for the scenarios that follow.

  2. Scenario: Describes a specific test case or scenario. Each scenario outlines a particular behavior or interaction with the software.

  3. Given-When-Then: These keywords are used to structure the steps within a scenario.

    • Given: Describes the initial context or setup for the test scenario.

    • When: Describes the action or event that triggers the behavior being tested.

    • Then: Describes the expected outcome or result of the scenario.

3. Edit the result as much as you need




4. Export the result


When using the standard format, the results can be export to:

  • CSV file.

  • Xray test - your generated test steps will be added to the Test issue. (Xray Test issue type should be define in the same project)

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