JLabel - Automatically create Jira Issues from Confluence pages

You have just published your PRD describing your next killer feature, now you need to make sure that every developer, designer, and tester involved in the development process is aware of the existence of the PRD, knows how to access it, and can easily edit it when needed.

With JLable you can turn your document into an issue in Jira in an instant, all you need to do is to add a label to your page or template and a new issue will be created and linked to your page.

add a label to your page to create an issue in Jira

Jlabel can help you to turn your page tree from Confluence to a hierarchy of issues in Jira, ensuring that your document is aligned with issues in Jira.

Use Jcreate to create issues (user stories, tasks, tests, etc) from parts of your content

JLabel Configuration

Define your own set of label, project and issue type to automate issue creation. By setting the issue link type, you can easily create linked issues to the page level issue from your page content.


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