JTable - The complete solution for creating multiple Jira issues from Confluence tables


JTable is an essential tool for users looking to manage and document their work within Confluence tables, allowing them to keep everything in one centralized location. JTable enhances users productivity, reduce errors, and improves traceability.


JTable turns each table row to an issue in Jira, right after mapping the table columns to the Jira fields.



Important things to be noted:

  • JTable works on page view, all you need to do is mouseover your table.

  • The first table row needs to be considered as table header in order to be recognized by Jtable

  • After selecting the desired Jira server, project and issue type, the user can map the Jira fields to the table columns.

  • Supported types of fields will act as single select list fields with the values that come from the table header.

Supported Field Type


Supported Field Type


Text Field


Number Field

Supported while cell contains only numbers

User Picker (single)

Use the Confluence @user mention inside the cell, make sure the user exists in Jira.

User Picker (multi)

use the Confluence @user mention inside the cell, make sure the user exists in Jira.

Date Picker

use the Confluence date macro inside the cell

  • Fields that are not currently supported in Jtable will be presented with their native Jira behaviour.

  • Make set values for all required fields.

  • Once you're done creating issues, the table will update with the links to the new Jira issues!


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