JCreate Configuration

Site Level Configuration

  • Toggle for turning Jcreate Jblocks ON or OFF (ON by default)

    • If Jblock is ON, you can map the heading marked by the block to the issue Summary and the paragraph to the issue Description

    • You can can choose to map the Summary and the Description fields separatly

  • Epic Name field can be filled automatically

  • Auto add labels to issues created via Jcreate

Space Level Configuration

Jcreate configuration at the Confluence site level can be overridden at the space level by the space administrator.

Jcreate Blacklist

Confluence admins or space admins can specify which fields they want to exclude from their Jcreate screens, if it is not relevant to their specific use case.

Jcreate Blacklist makes it easier to manage Jira issues from within Confluence.


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