JBlocks - Create issue linked to an entire paragraph


Requirements are usually categorized under the product’s different aspects (such as hardware, technological functionality, interactivity, software, UX/UI, manufacturing, and regulations) as this is the most complete way of listing them. Usually, this list is managed as a numbered list combined with document headings in a way that each aspect has its unique number and every individual requirement has its sub-number or sub-heading.

Our Tip: Make sure you do not gather multiple requirements into a single statement.

This is where Jcreate comes in!

Jcreate analyses the structure of your PRD, identifying the classified requirements marked with numbers, sub numbers, or headings and subheadings then offers the option to turn them into issues in Jira in an instant!



Once the link between a specific Confluence paragraph and a Jira issue is established, you can track the progress of requirements implementation as well as planning roadmaps and releases, having traceability reports in Jira.


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