C4J - Track Changes

C4J’s visual change indications - Improves your change management process

Change Management is a critical skill for product teams, as they must constantly innovate to stay ahead of the marketplace and adapt to changes rapidly. When change management is implemented effectively, organizational synergy will improve and teams will be more agile and responsive.

C4J facilitates the process of change management as it allows product managers to communicate the changes in spec to stakeholders instantly.

In practice, C4J automatically notifies Jira users on changes made to your product specifications, detailed requirements, or product features, managed by Confluence. This helps you ensure that the products are developed and launched according to the most up-to-date version of your specifications.

C4J helps you stay up-to-date with the constantly changing content in Confluence

C4J section on issue view, will change its color in case the current version of the linked confluence page is newer than its version on the last time you viewed the issue.

In addition, C4J will help you to figure out what has changed - by choosing “compare changes” , you'll see the page comparison view showing the differences between the current version of the page and the last version you seen.

C4J will also suggest you to accept the changes - by choosing “acknowledge”, you'll accept the changes, and the color of C4J panel will back to white again.


  1. Log in to Jira as Administrator

  2. Go to Manage apps

  3. Find under C4J - CONTENT DISPLAY FOR Jira section “Track Changes

  4. Make sure the “Track Changes“ is ON


5. If you want to apply this feature to existing issues linked to confluence pages, choose “Sync versions of Confluence pages“, this operation could take several minutes or more.

6. You can turn OFF the track changes. If you turn it OFF we will not keep indications of the last version you viewed.



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